A survey recently carried out by the Derbyshire Times has shown that 63% of respondents are looking forward to the Chesterfield Waterside development the most.

The survey, which was about Chesterfield and published online, asked respondents which of the three key developments in the town – Chesterfield Waterside, Peak Resort and Northern Gateway, they were most looking forward and Waterside scooped nearly two thirds of the votes.

More than 100 people responded to the survey which was published on Thursday 27 July. Three quarters of the respondents also said that they would recommend Chesterfield as a good place to live and 70% said it is a good place to work.

Peter Swallow, Managing Director of Chesterfield Waterside, said: ““I am delighted that 63% of the survey’s respondents share our enthusiasm about the Waterside project, as we feel it is a great vote of confidence in the development as a whole from the people of Chesterfield. The town’s location and accessibility, as well as the recent HS2 announcement, make it a location which is proving extremely attractive to established investors. Chesterfield has always been a town of opportunity and never more so than now.

Peter added: “Chesterfield is a town of great potential. This is evidenced by the amount of investment that has been delivered over the last few years and by what is planned for the future. Our original research, at the masterplan stage for the Waterside project, revealed the potential for a large scale mixed use scheme in the town. As a result, a design vision evolved which, after years of hard work by a dedicated team of development professionals, is now very close to reality.”