About Us

Who are Urbo?

Urbo is a property development and investment company delivering best practice urban regeneration projects.

We work in partnership with local councils, public agencies, land-owners and other developers.

We work alongside leading designers and other professionals at the cutting edge of UK regeneration. Our expertise lies in shaping carefully tailored solutions for the complex situations faced in delivering successful area renewal. Our aim is to create vibrant new places within towns and cities.

Our work puts into practice a company ethos based around excellent urban design and architecture, people oriented placemaking, sustainable solutions and a fair approach to partnership working.

Urbo brings together a number of experienced property development professionals committed to delivering urban regeneration:

Urbo is a joint venture company owned by Bolsterstone plc, Laver Regeneration Ltd and AGD Regeneration Ltd. The resources of these private shareholder companies are drawn on by Urbo as required to manage our regeneration projects. Urbo’s 5 Directors wholly own and control all three parent companies. Urbo’s Managing Director Peter Swallow and Mike Corker own Bolsterstone plc, a successful property development and investment company with £500m of projects managed in-house and sizeable net assets built up over 20 years providing a sustainable capital base. Andrew Laver and Mark Bower of Laver Leisure Limited have carried out over £100m of property development in recent years. This company has annual turnover around £110m and net assets of over £80m. Urbo Director Andrew Dainty of AGD Regeneration is an experienced development surveyor and regeneration professional and has been delivering urban regeneration projects for some 30 years.

Urbo enjoys support from financial institutions including Handelsbanken, Yorkshire Bank and Barclays Bank, providing significant funds in addition to group capital. This facilitates work based on best solutions and not driven by cash constraints.

Urbo works on a small number of large-scale major regeneration projects, bringing the full resources of its shareholder companies which provide full financial and delivery support to the business.

This skill base and financial backing puts Urbo in a strong position to deal with the financial and professional challenges faced in delivering major urban regeneration projects.

Our Delivery Partners